Sunday, August 31, 2008

Neuse Sport Shop in Kinston

Neuse Sport Shop is about halfway between Raleigh and Salter Path. This was the place to stop for a bathroom break and a snack on the way to the beach. I haven’t been here since 1991 and was I ever surprised. This store used to be one big open area with mostly fishing and hunting supplies, a few snacks and drinks, and a clean bathroom. The store has been expanded to at least twice its original size and the new brick front looks very inviting. The expanded store now includes the kind of gift shop that the ladies love and even a menswear shop. I saw candles, prints, collectibles, clothes, fun hostess items and even the Gullah food kits. These goodies are in addition to the usual fishing gear, guns, camping supplies, boat shoes, and tee shirts. They carry Crocs, Sperry Topsiders, Sweet Tea shirts, Columbia, and Life is Good items. You can still get a candy bar and a drink, but one area of the store has been outfitted with a cafĂ© that sells sandwiches and coffee. The updated bathrooms are still very clean and the variety of merchandise will give you the opportunity to stretch your legs before the rest of your journey if you’re beach bound. I also noticed that they stay open until 11pm on Friday nights which is great for the after work travelers. I was ecstatic that one of my old stomping grounds is not only still around after all these years, but is now even more appealing.