Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Minding the Pedestrians

A few weeks ago my friend Beth took me the Vietri outlet in Hillsborough with pit stops to Trader Joes and Crabtree Valley Mall. She had her husband's Tom Tom GPS with her and now I am coveting one. She has it set on a British accent, and who can tell me why ordinary things like going to the bathroom sound so exotic with an accent? ("Would you direct me to the loo?") Anyway, I was telling my husband about it, but of course I am in a frugal mode, so it's way too expensive. The other day on our trip to RDU, I decided to engage our poor man's GPS. I begin repeating phrases that the Tom Tom uses such as "straight on", "continue on the motorway" I added a few of my own from my favorite back seat driver, Hyacinth Bucket (she pronounces it BOOKAY) such as "Mind the pedestrians, and watch the cyclist over there on the sidewalk" Nick was not impressed, he said I just like telling him what to do. I must say what is wrong with that?
(This is a picture of Nick's manly truck. Don't you think it exudes testosterone?)