Monday, June 22, 2009

Seagulls in Fayetteville

Yes, it's summertime and my official vacation at the beach isn't until July 17th. Was I hallucinating this morning when I saw a seagull on my street?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Quiznos a no go!

I am sorry that my first real post this summer is going to be a gripe, but to quote my husband, "I'm not coming in here anymore with you because you always get mad!" I hate to admit it but he's right. I was first introduced to Quiznos on Skibo Road. The owner/manager there is really nice, and I fell in love with the "toasty goodness" they served. A couple of years ago, a new Quiznos opened on Walter Reed Rd, much closer to our house. I have never liked that location. I feel the customer service is so inferior to other Quiznos I have visited. Today was a perfect example of how not to treat your customers. First of all, I find their menu board to be incredibly hard to read. The hodge podge arrangement of announcements on the glass does not a menu make. I had tried the Torpedo previously, and I liked it okay, but really just wanted a plain old tuna sandwich. It took about five minutes to finally find a tuna melt listed under "classics". This was not on the menu board by the way, but on a menu taped to the glass where you place your order. The young woman taking my order did not ask me how I wanted my sandwich, but I figured that I would be asked later down the "line", after the toasting. No further contact was made until the clerk at the register began putting my sandwich in a plastic bag....the order wasn't to go. The middle person (who I believe to be the manager) takes my sandwich, cuts off the wrapping, and puts it in a basket. I asked the clerk if tomatoes came on tuna. He anwered no, but I could have a side order if I wanted it. I declined, but grabbed a menu/brochure on the way to my seat. There it was listed: tuna melt, tuna salad, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, mayo. I opened up my sandwich, not only was there no mayo, but my lettuce was covered in what looked like Italian dressing, which for the record, I despise. I took my sandwich back up to the clerk, poor guy, and asked if I could have my sandwich fixed to match the description on the menu. (I asked nicely, too) He brought my sandwich back to me in a couple of minutes with tuna salad, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, and some kind of dressing. I took my sandwich back to the clerk and said, "I don't know what this stuff is, but it's not on the menu for a tuna melt." He tells me it is red wine vinaigrette and asks the sandwich maker why she put that on my sandwich. Instead of being concerned that I am standing there with the second incorrectly made sandwich, she begins to argue with the clerk, poor guy, about the recipe for the tuna melt. In a very gracious move, I tell the clerk that I will eat the sandwich as it is. Two things make me really ill about this 1) regardless of how you think a tuna melt should be made, when a customer sends a sandwich back and asks for lettuce, tomato, and mayo, for goodness sake, just put on the lettuce, tomato, and mayo! and 2) the guy that I know is the manager (because I have had to complain to him before) said nothing. He stood there just looking around at his clerk, poor guy, floundering around trying to make me happy, and the sandwich maker beligerently arguing over the recipe for a tuna melt. Here's a tip buddy, TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR EMPLOYEES!

Regardless, it doesn't matter to me because honestly, the next time I want Quiznos, I will not be going to the Walter Reed Rd location. End of story.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

SSS Lunch

I am so delighted to report that in just one short week out of school, I have been on a camping trip and been to lunch with 2 out of 3 of my Sensible Shoes Sisters. I am brushing up on my blogging skills and hope to be entertaining y'all soon! Until then...woo hoo it's summer!