Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mama Dip Disappoints

Saturday we had to drive to RDU to drop off some friends early, early in the AM. Decided to drive on to Chapel Hill and have breakfast at Mama Dips. I have wanted to eat there for several years, since I saw Mama on Sara Moulton's show. I will say that the food was good, although I don't normally spend over $20 for breakfast for two. (Listen, I don't live in New York or California, so a couple of eggs, bacon and toast are usually around $4) Anyway, I got the smothered pork chops with an egg, hash browns and toast. The pork chops were "gnaw worthy" (and I did, but discreetly). I don't know where they get their bread for toast, but it was really good, nice and thick. My husband was disappointed with the biscuits. I am not a biscuit lover, so I didn't taste them. He thought they would be "cathead" biscuits since this was North Carolina farmhouse type cooking, but they were petite. The bread basket came with butter and what I thought was honey. I asked the waitress for some jelly, and she pointed to the "honey" and said it's here. I said I would like grape jelly, I know I have no imagination when it comes to toast and jelly. "We only have apple." WHAT?!?!? A restaurant has one flavor of jelly and it's APPLE? NO WAY! I hate apples, okay, so I do love the fried apple sticks at Big Oak Drive In in Salter Path, but really, they're all about the sugar and grease! So my first visit was a little disappointing. I will probably eat there again, not at breakfast, but seeing as it took five years to make it this time, I may never make it back.