Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hunter and I love Trader Joes

I have been enthralled with Trader Joes ever since my first visit to the Cary store in November of 2007 (their very first week in our state!). I never pass up an opportunity to shop there. Fortunately, I frequently visit family in Wake County or I am afraid I would be classified as a TJ Stalker! I love the freshness and originality of all the products. My standing TJ grocery list includes buffalo burgers, veggie Flaxseed Tortilla chips, pineapple salsa, pita bread, pizza dough, hummus, parmesan cheese, pizza sauce, banana waffles, all kinds of cereal and granola bars, and of course, the trail mixes and nuts! My husband and I are just trying low carb eating and I dread my next visit! My dogs love the snacks and my cat is gaga for the cat scratcher. Thank goodness Cary is not that far from Fayetteville or I would be in serious trouble. The staff is really helpful too. I bought enough goodies to fill 40 of their summer bags (surf boards and woodies) for teacher appreciation gifts and the manager assigned a clerk to assist me. He brought out boxes of products on dollies so that it would better fit in my Honda CRV. Everyone loved the gift bags and I am thankful to the staff at the Cary TJs for helping me put everything together. GO Trader Joes!

PS: I recently visited the Trader Joe's in Chapel Hill. I especially liked the Tarheel themed mural on the wall. There was a rumor that TJs was coming to North Raleigh, had that confirmed this week. It will be on Old Wake Forest Road near the intersection of the 440 beltline. Near the Melting Pot if you have been there (not me, too cheap). Anyway, should be open sometime in 2009, and I am so excited because this is much closer to my mother's house!