Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Weber Grill Restaurant

This summer we went to Indianapolis for the SBC. While we were there we ate at the Weber Grill Restaurant. Nick was so excited because we had seen the restaurant set-up on the Food Network. They actually have these huge charcoal grills inside the open kitchen. I took Nick’s picture with the bronze statue of Mr. Weber. I felt silly until another patron came in and starting snapping pictures. I overheard him telling his companions about Weber grills (he’s had three) and how much he had been looking forward to visiting the restaurant. I just smiled at Nick knowing that we were not alone in our admiration. The atmosphere is really fun, lots of grill and backyard paraphernalia. The kitchen is open and uses charcoal as well as gas grills. A special ventilation system carries the smoke out of the restaurant. The kitchen fascinated Nick and he was thrilled to be able to get a close up look at the grills and to talk to one of the chefs. Steaks, hamburgers, and pork are cooked over charcoal while chicken roasts over gas. Choosing an entrée was overwhelming, I finally decided on the steak salad. I really wanted beef, but I need a smaller portion because I knew I had to try the French onion soup. I’m so glad I did. The rich beefy broth was filled with sweet caramelized onions and topped with lots of gooey cheese. Being a connoisseur of French onion soup, I rate this as one of the best I’ve had. My other favorite was at Epcot in the Parisian café. The perfectly cooked steak, medium rare, topped assorted crisp, fresh greens with blue cheese and crunchy croutons. The warm charcoal flavor of the beef was a perfect contrast to the cold salad. I loved, loved, loved the pretzel rolls with cheesy butter. I have had pretzel rolls in only one other restaurant, Ryan’s in Winston Salem (no, not the feeding trough, another Ryan’s) and I have craved them ever since. I even wrapped the last one left up in a napkin and ate it as a snack before bed. This was a fabulous experience. If you’re ever near a Weber Grill Restaurant, don’t miss out on this great food and fun relaxed atmosphere.