Sunday, October 26, 2008


Nick loves breakfast. I am trying to love breakfast as long as I am not expected to eat it before 9 am. Recently we have gotten into the routine of going out to breakfast on Nick’s day off, usually Fridays. You are likely to find us at Zorba’s. Don’t be alarmed when you walk in there for the first time because it looks kinda dumpy. Yes, the décor dates back to the early 80’s (sorry if it was updated since then!), and the fixtures look old, but I find the interior to be very clean. The bathrooms are nice, too, which always bumps up a restaurant’s rating for me. I almost always get two eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast. Nick likes the pancakes. He usually has them with eggs and gyro meat. The basic menu satisfies our morning cravings and the prices are a welcome sight in today’s economy.

This week we ventured away from our normal routine and tried the Pancake House at the Ambassador Motel. This motel and diner have been on 301 for a gazillion years, but I don’t think I had ever been until Friday. The restaurant is very clean and neat with a fresh Americana theme. We had similar meals to those at Zorba’s and the quality was comparable; however, these prices were $2.00 more per entrée. While I enjoyed the food and the atmosphere, I like the bottom line at Zorba’s more!

Stay tuned for more breakfast favorites as well try new places.