Sunday, October 26, 2008

Little Italy

Why are pasta dishes in restaurants so expensive? I find pasta and sauces very simple to make at home and most are economical if you don’t use expensive cheeses. Today we ate at Little Italy for lunch. I got what I normally do, the steak and cheese sandwich, but Nick wanted pasta. He got a dish call “Ziti Chef”. The penne pasta (why not call it “Penne Chef”?) was served with a tomato cream sauce. The menu said it had sautéed onions, mushrooms, and bacon. The sauce tasted great, but Nick only found two mushrooms and very little bacon. This came with bread for $9.95. He added a side salad for an additional $1.95. I thought this was an outrageous price for an entree that probably cost less than $4.00 to make. The salad was odd, with iceberg and green leaf lettuce, thick curls of carrots, tomatoes, and big chunks of red onion. The ranch dressing was very watery. My sandwich was a better buy at $6.50, but didn’t come with fries or salad. Another thing that annoys me is the lack of sweetener on the table. The owner would probably contend that some patrons stuff the little packets in their pockets. Even so, when unsweetened beverages are ordered, the waiter should bring the sweetener. Nick had to ask twice before that was brought to our table.

I like the food and the atmosphere at this eatery, but I don’t suggest it often because I find the seating uncomfortable. This will continue to be a sandwich place for me, but I will reserve a $10 pasta entrée for a nicer evening out, not just everyday eating.