Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sunday Dinner?

I don’t cook on Sundays. Our busy schedule dictates eating out at lunch and leftovers in the microwave for supper. Most Sundays we choose fast foods because we are anxiously awaiting naptime. (By the time we leave the church after the last service we have been there about five hours. :o!) Once in a while we choose a sit down restaurant for Sunday lunch. This brings up one of my pet peeves, “Why don’t restaurants have their regular lunch specials on Sunday?” This is definitely a violation of some ordinance, I’m sure. The last time I visited Applebee’s (which, BTW, was months ago since the service was so bad we haven’t been back) I wanted to try their lunch combos, but of course, they are only available Monday through Friday. I rarely eat at this type of restaurant for lunch. I am a teacher, not a business woman. Lunch for me is usually Nabs or soup. The same thing happened at O’Charley’s a couple of weeks ago. The lunch combos and prices sounded great, but once again, they are only offered during the week, not Sundays. I’m not paying twelve or fifteen dollars at lunch for a full plate of food, so I ordered the club sandwich that came with fries for about $8.00. I sensed I might be in for a surprise when the waiter put down my plate and said, “Be careful, it’s hot.” And it was hot because O’Charley’s version of the club sandwich is turkey, bacon, and cheese grilled, not toasted. One of my favorite club sandwiches was at Daryl’s, which is no longer in this area. The three slices of toasted bread held turkey, bacon, ham, cheddar and swiss cheeses as well as lettuce, tomato, and mayo. The tall sandwich was quartered and held together with long toothpicks. O’Charley’s version is a sad semblance of the traditional club. I would not order that sandwich again. I am, however, intrigued by their Monday through Friday lunch specials and I hope to eat there soon with my Sensible Shoes Sisters. Details to follow…..