Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mary Bill's Cafe

I have commented on breakfast restaurants before since we usually go out for breakfast every Friday. Nick loves breakfast and I love it as long as someone else is cooking! We usually eat at Zorba’s. The food is decent and fairly priced, but the atmosphere can be daunting depending on where you sit, and the smell of the open kitchen lingers on your clothes. For the past two weeks we have gone to Mary Bill’s CafĂ© at Eutaw. The prices were unbelievably low and the variety of dishes impressive. My standard breakfast plate is two eggs, bacon, hash browns, and toast. Mary Bill’s price for this is $3.99. My meal was very good and I was able to choose between an English Muffin, toast, or biscuit. Nick was ecstatic because he tried the grits which were creamy and buttery, just like at home. This week I had the Viva La France which is four wedges of delicious French toast, an egg, and a slice of bacon. This is also $3.99. Nick tried a western omelet. This omelet was as beautiful as a picture, perfectly cooked, and tender to eat. The simple atmosphere makes for a pleasant, quiet meal, and my clothes didn’t pick up the odors of the kitchen. Although the drive is a little longer than Zorba’s, this will be a frequent haunt.