Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A rainy day at the beach is better than a sunny day anywhere else!

Part of my family gathered at the beach for Thanksgiving this year. Cooking and eating in the small kitchen was challenging, but the view of Bogue Sound made for a worthwhile sacrifice. Outside the skies were gray and the rain poured down, but the spirit inside was warm and sunny. On Friday night we went to the flotilla in Swansboro. Sadly, only fourteen boats participated. I understand that more boats will participate next week at the Morehead City flotilla. After the flotilla, we ate at Frank and Clara’s in Salter Path. Although no longer owned by the same couple, this restaurant has been around for at least twenty years. I was surprised to find the dining room almost full. The food as usual was very good, but on this Friday night, the service was uncharacteristically slow. Apparently the holiday weekend had left the “B” team to run the place. Fortunately, we were able to relax without focusing on their lack of speed and efficiency. We started out with a delicious baked crab dip. This creamy crab packed dip is served with toasted French bread rounds. In addition to our hot dip, we were served a complementary sharp cheddar cheese dip with crackers. For my entrĂ©e, I had the fried sea scallops with baked potato and a cup of she crab soup. The thin soup lacked generosity in regards to crab, but was tasty. The plentiful and delicious scallops had to be shared as I could not eat them all. Nick had the fried clam strips and they were tender and yummy. I also enjoyed the light and crispy hush puppies. Plan ahead if you would like to eat at Frank and Clara’s. The rather small restaurant fills up quickly. Don’t be surprised if you have to wait an hour or so, especially in the summer. If you’re not up for the delay, consider calling in an order for pick up. You’ll be back home enjoying your meal in no time.

I vote for Thanksgiving at the beach every year! As I crossed over the bridge late Saturday afternoon, I felt very blessed. The only thing that could have made this weekend better would have been a shrimp burger from Big Oak Drive In……..maybe next time.