Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mimi's Cafe

Someone commented to me yesterday that this restaurant is a typical “ladies who lunch” kind of place. While I must say that this is a great locale for that very thing, men enjoy eating here just as much. We went last week and Nick got his favorite, the patty melt. There is nothing ladylike about this sandwich. The beef patty is really thick and piled high with grilled onions and served on grilled rye bread. I had one of my favorites, quiche Lorraine which comes with salad, fruit, and a muffin the size of a Mini Cooper. The salad dressing, blue cheese, was freshly made and delicious. I chose the seasonal muffin which was lemon (not just lemon flavored, but glazed with a fresh lemon sauce, MMMM). October’s muffin will be pumpkin and according to our waitress is a big seller. Nick and I love their drinks. I always get the strawberry lemonade, just sweet enough, and Nick likes the Arnold Palmer. My frugal nature appreciates the fact that refills on these special drinks are free. I can’t have just one glass. Another one of my regular dishes here is the stuffed French toast. Brunch at Mimi’s Café is a production, so if you’re able this is a great meal to try for the first time visit. You may run into some of the lunching ladies, but chances are, you’ll run into all types of diners who appreciate good food and a festive French Quarter atmosphere.
BTW: Mimi's is at Plantation Square on Capital Blvd or Cary Towne Center Mall